Salisbury Racecourse reserves the right to refuse entry to any racegoer who is or appears to be:

Behaving in an unruly or unsociable manner
Drunk and disorderly
Under the influence of drugs or mood enhancing substances; the Racecourse has a zero tolerance policy regarding drug use

Pub Watch Logo


Salisbury Racecourse is a member of Salisbury Pubwatch. No member of the public who is currently listed on the Salisbury Pubwatch ‘notification list’ will be permitted entrance to the Racecourse.

Wiltshire Police Logo


Salisbury Racecourse works with Wiltshire Police to deter drug and alcohol abuse and to ensure the safety of racegoers.

Venture Security Ltd has been contracted by Salisbury Racecourse to manage its raceday security, car parking and racecourse entry/egress.

Bag searching will take place at Racecourse Entrances. 
It is not permitted to bring alcohol into the Racecourse Enclosures.

Picnics are only permitted in the Course Enclosure (again no alcohol will be permitted to be brought into the Course Enclosure).

Salisbury Racecourse operates the ‘Pace Yourself’ campaign and will encourage racegoers to have water or a soft drink between each alcoholic drink.

Picture ID will be requested for anybody purchasing alcohol who appears to be under 25 years of age – Challenge 25.

The bar staff reserve the right to refuse to sell alcohol to anyone who does not have the required ID appears to be purchasing alcohol for underage racegoers, or who they believe has already consumed too much alcohol

Salisbury Racecourse operates a responsible gambling policy.  Anyone under the age of 18 will not be permitted to bet. Anyone attempting to bet who appears to be under 18 will be requested to provide picture ID –